Road To Recovery Treatment Center

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

Amazing facility… saved my life ! Innovative, game changing, and it’s only growing and getting better !
Kevin M.
This program really changed my life for the better! I’m now a year sober! The staff are awesome and they genuinely care about you. I’m so thankful I got the opportunity to go through the program otherwise who knows where I’d be. Such an encouraging place. Big thanks to Road To Recovery!!! 10/10 would recommend.
Harley R.
I could not be happier or more amazed of a place. What they offer is beyond what i expected. I never thought i would get sober after being in and out of treatment for years. Not only do they do things right but they care. They give you more than one option to help you get sober and make you knowledgeable of each. If you truly wanna get sober and make a difference this is the place.
Talia B.
This place is the reason my life is manageable and The happiest I’ve ever been In my entire life. 8 months I had no where to turn. It felt like the world was falling in on me. But when I called they Answered and got me down here the next night. Since then I’ve been clean and sober and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful or this facility and the owners.
Brandon F.
Iv always been a failure my whole life. I came to south florida to start over and make better changes in life. I went to a few recover centers, but road to recovery is the one that truly actually has people who care and understand what i went though. This place has changed my life and did everything for me to help me reach my life goals. I cant thank them enough for helping me succeed. I highly recommend everyone to come here to start over they will do EVERYTHING in there power to make it happen. Thank you Road!!!
Michael S.
This place is truly such an amazing program. I have never received so much love from a treatment center as I did this one. They will do anything to help you, and make sure that you are where you need to be in order to stay sober when you leave. They also have the most friendly and fun staff, so it’s never a dull moment. I would go to this place over and over again if I needed the help. If you need help please go to this place. You will leave with sobriety, a bunch of great friends and a smile on your face.
Kailey B.
I have nothing but high hopes for road, and the impacts a its having on the recovery community. With top of the line therapist and an a outgoing stuff. They where able to help me understand my addiction in depth. build coping skills, and some how manage to keep a slime on my face while they did it. If you want a felicity to push you to your goal of a better life road would definitely be on the top of my list
Nicholas M.
Road to Recovery was literally a lifesaver for me. They helped me truly transition myself into a productive life style. The staff honestly care about your well being & want to help you on a deeper level than most other places. They are also open to different paths to recovery instead of just preaching that there is only one way to get & stay sober. There is no way I would ever be able to thank the people at this facility enough. I am truly forever grateful for this place.
Aleasha B.
This place was a game changer. I couldn’t grasp 2 months sober with just AA.. Through Road encouraging medical cannabis, my savior Jesus Christ and the people in this environment I finally am a few days shy of 6 months. So thankful for all these people do and still continue to do in my life!
Kyle C.