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If you know someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or both and they don’t want to get better, then you can help them. Contact Road To Recover Wellness Centers and we can help. Even if they don’t want to get better, we can help you and your loved one remain sober and healthy in the long term and short term.


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    Most Insurances Accepted

    Road To Recovery Wellness Center is dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction. That is why we work with many insurance companies to bring you and your loved ones the help they need. If you don’t think we take you insurance, don’t hesitate, give us a call and we will walk side by side through this journey

    Cigna Addiction Treatment Center
    Blue Cross Blue Shield Addiction Treatment Center
    Aetna Addiction Treatment Center
    Magellan Health Addiction Treatment Center
    Humana Addiction Treatment Center