Spirituality Therapy

For many people, spirituality is often the same as religion. However, at Road to Recovery Wellness Center, we emphasize that patients incorporate spirituality into recovery from addiction. Figuring out how to incorporate your faith into your mental health journey can be one of the key challenges to addiction treatment. In our spiritual-based track, spirituality can create a solid foundation for one’s recovery. We provide spiritual nourishment and local activities to incorporate their faith into their mental and behavioral health treatment. These sessions can benefit adults of all beliefs and faith traditions and help them renew their sense of faith and hope in the midst of life’s most difficult challenges.

How Spirituality Can Help you Recover from Addiction

Some individuals rely on faith to provide awareness, cope with challenges, teach them to seek a calling, and show support for others in their community. Spirituality skill-building can include techniques to help one stay in the present, interact positively in the community, and have a guiding purpose. In reality, spirituality embodies all of these characteristics.

Spirituality is A Powerful Tool

When someone struggles with a substance abuse disorder, it’s the center of their life. They often feel as though they are in a rut. However, using spirituality to rediscover the natural self apart from the addiction is a powerful tool. At Road to Recovery Wellness Center, our therapists:

  • Help you navigate negative thoughts and emotions and regain peace
  • Reintroduce the importance of love for yourself and others
  • Provide a touchstone for understanding the world
  • Promote happiness
  • Reinforce your sense of purpose

Choosing Gratitude In Recovery is a Spritual Practice

Another aspect of spirituality is being grateful. There are many ways to practice this in our daily lives. Clients can reap many benefits by practicing the following skills:

Spirituality Therapy

Reduced stress

Spirituality Therapy

Better sleep

Improves your awareness of taking care of your health

Spirituality Therapy

Enhanced empathy for yourself and others

Clients are encouraged to make a list of what they’re grateful for and say thank you for the positive results that haven’t happened yet. Also, change “I should” to “I want”, even when considering the most mundane tasks.

Benefits of Faith-Based Treatment

  • Program reflects the patient’s faith and value system
  • Renewed sense of life purpose
  • Stronger connection with a higher power
  • Holistic healing
  • Greater chance of long-term results, as individuals are more likely to implement treatment that matters to them at home.

Treatment Modalities Offered in Our Faith-Based Programs

  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT)
  • 12-Step philosophy
In summary, spirituality and recovery can progress hand in hand thus enabling our clients to achieve goals and a balanced feeling of well-being in recovery.
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