Group Therapy

At Road to Recovery Wellness Center, we offer a number of group therapy modalities to support our individuals through the addiction recovery process.

Group Therapy For Addiction Treatment in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Group therapy provides the individual with a comfortable setting in which they can express themselves with like-minded individuals. This creates an atmosphere of growth and bonding as the individual sees they are not alone on their Road to Recovery.


Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral group therapy (CBT) is a treatment approach to treating psychological disorders based on scientific principles. Individuals and therapists work together to identify and understand problems. They do this in terms of the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behavior. The approach of CBT usually focuses on difficulties in the here and now and relies on the therapist and individual developing a shared view of the individual’s problem. This then leads to the identification of personalized, usually time-limited therapy goals and strategies which are continually monitored and evaluated.

Cognitive Behavioral therapists identify and treat difficulties arising from an individual’s irrational thinking, misperceptions, dysfunctional thoughts, and faulty learning. The therapy can be conducted with individuals, families, or groups. Problems such as anxietydepressionangerguiltlow self-esteem, adjustment difficulties, sleep disturbance, and post-traumatic stress are addressed.

Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy

Interpersonal group psychotherapy concentrates on the things people do and say, and left unsaid and undone, between each other. The interpersonal approach to human relationships, suggests that our relationships are constituted by what passes consciously between us and other people. This approach focuses on the projection of personal feelings toward others. It also believes that goodwill and positive feelings are effective in working out inter-personal difficulties. The focus is more on what actually occurs between people than on inner mental dynamics.

Expressive Art Group Therapy

Expressive art group therapy involves the use of manipulatives as a creative and tactile outlet for patients in group settings. Various art mediums are incorporated in order to stimulate a client’s emotional growth. Our clients happily enjoy this type of group because they can discuss feelings while using their hands to create items of symbolism in their lives.


Humanistic Group Therapy

Humanistic group therapy refers to a wide range of therapy in which individual clients participate in the phenomenon that whenever a group gathers, the unconscious mind of the group emerges more powerfully than in most individual sessions. Thus, the work can be conducted on a deeper level.

Our small group therapy sessions are very effective with the group therapist also being the same individual therapist at times. The greatest contribution of groups appears to be that groups enable our clients to reach deeper into their issues and to provide a deeply meaningful connection between group members in the resolution of their individual issues.

Relaxation Group Therapy

Relaxation group therapy involves the use of progressive relaxation, coupled with soft instrumental music to guide the client through various meditations. Clients focus on their breathing and attempt to clear their thoughts of any distractions that may lead to stressful situations. These group sessions include deep and rhythmic breathing along with saying positive affirmations. Clients often experience a temporary emotional detachment from problems and feelings of self-fulfillment.

Anger Management Group Therapy

The management of anger proves to be difficult for some people. When anger is unmanaged it can have serious negative effects on our lives and the lives of people around us. This type of group includes the learning of what triggers anger in ourselves. Anger can be healthy and constructive when we are speaking out to protect others or ourselves. Individuals utilize techniques to reduce their negative responses. Unhealthy anger often called rage, is the kind of anger that harms others and ourselves. Anger management enables our clients to reduce and avoid unhealthy rage and to use their anger appropriately.

anger management group therapy in ft. lauderdale, fl by road to recovery wellness center
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