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Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction and substance abuse can affect anyone from any ethnicity, gender, or religion. Addictions can form in many different ways – some people develop a dependence on legal prescriptions after a surgery, others may start out of curiosity, and still others may be introduced by friends. There are also several people who have grown up in a home with an addict, and that is all they know.

In this case, legal drugs become a larger problem as one gets older. Addiction to prescription medication is referred to as iatrogenic addiction because the person became addicted due to a medical diagnosis and treatment. In regards to this type of addiction, it’s prominent in adults over the age of 50. They’re more likely to “overdose” when taking multiple medications, and since each drug acts differently in the body, there can be harmful interactions.

Adults in this age group are more likely to have diminished liver function which is needed to break down medicine. The amount of medication you take doesn’t change just because your liver isn’t functioning at 100%. Other factors contribute to the drug interaction in this age group, such as changes in GI tract function, kidney failure, hormone changes and decreased cognitive performance. This is another reason adults over the age of 50 are more likely to overdose on medications because they don’t metabolize them well.

Some of the most common abused substances

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